Olivier Thévenon


Co-Head of the Research Unit on Economic Demography


In Short:

I am currently researcher at INED (the French Institute for Demographic Research), co-Head of the research Unit on Economic Demography. My main research interests cover family and employment policies, in relation with family, fertility and labour market outcomes. Recent work also includes analyses of the relationships between population and economic dynamics, gender inequalities in education and economic growth, transition to adulthood and economic hardship for the youths. I am also actively involved in international project, including European projects:  FamiliesAndSocieties – (FP7, project launched in 2013 (www.familiesandsocieties.eu/) and Gender and Generation Program.


Before this, I was working for the OECD (social policy division), contributing to the development of the OECD family Database, and to the following OECD publications: Babies and Bosses, Doing Better for Families, Closing the Gender Gap. Before joining the INED, I was project manager at the research department of the French Ministry of Social affairs, supervising programs on the comparison of employment and social protection systems.

Research Interests

• Social, Family and Employment policies in OECD and European countries

• Relations between social policies and labour markets, demographic and well-being outcomes

• Dynamics of female labour market participation, fertility and economic growth

• Parental Leave Policies in the OECD

• Role of families and public policies in the development of children

• Economic and social stratification of work-life balance behaviours

• Transition to adulthood and economic hardship for the youths